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Other Lover

Published in The Rectangle (Spring 2007) and in RiverCraft (Spring 2006).

sun slivers my thick cream carpet
red LED lights 10:16 AM
my breasts sweat against your shoulder blades

my right arm, bent under your neck, grasps your hand
the other folds around your middle and i count
between each snore to see how far away you are

light blue down comforter crumpled at foot of bed
pushed off last night in our tangle of ankles
and hips and neck and fingers and breasts and lips

gold dust hovers, illuminated by sun slivers
as if we didn’t do anything but share
hershey kisses and eskimo kisses and

sun slivers your stretch marked thighs
curled up against my own, too-white, and
is your other lover thinking of you, too?

This work is the property of the author. All rights reserved.

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