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How I Learned That Beans Take a Loooooong Time to Cook

18 November 2013

It was 11:30 AM. I was hungry. I had all the ingredients for a delicious-looking salad I found on Pinterest. The preparation time for the salad said “eight minutes.” Eight minutes! I can handle that!

It said eight minutes because it called for already-chopped onion and already-cut strawberries. Whatever, I can handle that. Only takes a couple minutes to chop those.

It said eight minutes because it called for canned black beans. All I had to do was open the can, drain the beans, and pour them into the bowl. I knew this, and I had planned ahead with my dry beans. I had them soaking in the refrigerator overnight.

What I didn’t plan was the cooking time. Who knew that even with pre-soaked beans, it takes roughly one and a half hours to cook?!?!?!?!??? Not me. It’s now 1:14 PM, and I’m still waiting for my lunch. Here’s what it looks like now:









Here’s what it will look like when it’s done:

I hope mine tastes as good as this one looks. At least now I know to cook my beans ahead of time…

Strawberry & Black Bean Salad

Strawberry & Black Bean Salad –    Recipe & Photo by An Edible Mosaic


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