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How I still don’t have a job

7 November 2013

In the past four weeks, I have applied for 48 jobs. I have received two positive responses, neither of which has led me to a job yet.

Keep your fingers crossed.

The people who say “applying to jobs is a full-time job” are right. I spend at least thirty minutes on each application, sometimes as much as an hour and a half. There’s no point in sending in a mediocre resume or a cover letter that doesn’t address the specific job being advertised or the selection criteria they require. And then there’s the time spent searching, reading pages full of job advertisements, most of which don’t suit you and your skill set. It’s a tiresome job.

And it’s exasperating when companies don’t respond to your application. Most of them don’t, not even to send a polite “thanks but no thanks” email to let you know they’ve filled the position.

However, the few-and-far-between moments where you feel that little glimmer of excitement as you read a job advertisement that sounds so perfect for you, you wonder how the stars have aligned so that you’re unemployed and looking at the exact moment this company decided to post this perfect-for-you role, and what a great opportunity this will be and you’ll get to do things you’ve always dreamed about, and and and–

It’s those moments that are my motivation for applying. For the one moment when my application to one of those perfect-for-me jobs gets noticed and I get a positive reply.


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