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How My Sister’s Bridal Shower Turned Out to Be Perfect

1 October 2013

table settingsLast Saturday was my sister’s bridal shower. It was perfect. We planned for months, first from afar as I was in Australia and the rest of the bridesmaids were in Pennsylvania, then all together once I joined them here. We spent the week leading up to the shower in full-blown preparation mode,finalizing rental orders, table borrowing, decoration making, and cooking and baking. Then two days before the shower, something threw off the plans–but only slightly. We were holding the shower at a friend of the family’s house, and she was admitted to the hospital. She would be fine, but we couldn’t hold the party at her house. It was a quick fix–we moved the shower to one of the bridesmaids’ parents’ house, where my sister spent a lot of time as a child. It was a fitting location, and we didn’t need to do anything different other than notify the guests of the change. The rest of the plans for the shower would still work at the new location.

We spent the afternoon before the shower making food and decorations, cleaning the house, and beginning to set up. The tent was delivered, and tables were put in place. The next day, we started setting up at 9 in the morning. The shower was at 12. We timed it perfectly. At 11:15, we had about 40 minutes’ worth of preparation left to do. Then it happened.

A huge gust of wind blew, knocking over half of the flower vases, dumping the water all over the tablecloths and sending the napkins and plates flying across the yard. At the same time, one of the tent poles collapsed, leaving a corner of the tent flapping dangerously close to the tables. Arrrggggggghhhhhhhhhh!

After a brief moment of panic, I pretended I thought everything would be fine. (At that moment, I didn’t believe it.) I called The Party Center. “You set up a tent for us yesterday and one of the tent poles just collapsed and I think the pole is rotten and our party is in thirty minutes!” Two guys were at the house within ten minutes with a new, non-rotted tent pole. They fixed the corner that fell, and checked all the other poles and tightened all the lines.

When I hung up from telling the Party Center what happened, I tried to figure out what to do about the tablecloths. Three of cookies and pancakesthem were sopping wet, as were the few napkins and plates that didn’t blow away. We had rented just enough linen tablecloths for the tables we had, but thankfully had rented a few extra napkins, so at least we could swap out the wet ones of those. The best solution I could come up with for the tablecloths was to take the tablecloths from the food buffet tables to replace the wet ones on the eating tables, and either leave the buffet tables uncovered or find whatever we could in the house to cover them. Thankfully again, candybaranother bridesmaid’s dad (whose house we were at) saw that the tablecloths were all wet on one half only, and that the sun was shining brightly on the other half of the tables. So we un-set the three tables, turned the tablecloths around so the wet sides were now directly in the sun, and re-set the tables. We dried off the wet plates, swapped the wet napkins for dry ones, and re-arranged the flowers in their vases–now with even more water in them, to hopefully stand strong against another gust of wind.

cupcakesAll of this happened before 12, and we even had time to change into our dresses before the first guests arrived. By the time the guest of honor arrived at 12:15, the place looked like nothing had happened. All the food was out, the tables were set (and dry!), and the panic had eased off our faces. The rest of the day was a success. Food was eaten, punch was drunk, games were played, gifts were opened, laughs were had, hugs were given, pictures were taken. And the bride loved it.



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