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How I Helped My Sister Make a Headboard

12 September 2013

After my sister and I re-upholstered her dining chairs, we decided we could do anything!

Anything related to making things for her new home, that is.

In true Pinterest fashion, my sister wanted to make a headboard for her guest bedroom. The bed is low and is just a wooden frame holding the mattress, with no backboard or posts or anything, and she wanted to liven it up a little.

We made another trip to Jo Ann Fabrics, this time armed with a plan: black and white patterned fabric. We spent only 30 minutes this time choosing the right fabric, and this time the final choice was made with pictures of only two favorites sent to the fiancé–win!

This project was even easier and less time-consuming than the dining chairs. We were grateful to have a dad who can bring

Step one: Cut to fit

Step one: Cut to fit

home a sheet of plywood at a moment’s notice, so that night we got to work.

The fabric was already the right size to fit the plywood, but the batting we bought to add cushioning to the headboard needed to be cut smaller.


Step two: staple-gun the batting and fabric to the board

We staple-gunned two layers of padding to the board, then staple-gunned the fabric over the padding, making sure to line up the pattern so it doesn’t look crooked once it’s finished.

We also made sure we pulled the fabric taut, and stapled the two long sides first, then the two short sides.

And here is the final result! (Propped up behind the couch instead of on the wall, but hey, my sister is picky. We can’t show a photo of that room until the bed has matching sheets on it. But I am happy to report that the headboard is mounted on the wall behind the bed and looks great.


Step three: the finished product

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