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What have I read so far in 2013?

4 September 2013

I never started a reading list at the beginning of this year, and of course now we’re almost three quarters of the way finished with 2013 but I’d still like to keep track of what I have read–especially now that I have lots of time on my hands and am reading like a maniac.

Here is every book I read so far in 2013:

the_messenger  good_daughters

looking_for_alaska  abundance_of_katherines

tenth_circle  just_after_sunset


I’m still finishing the stories in Just After Sunset, and I also just borrowed three more novels from the library this morning. In addition to fiction, I read a lot of journal articles during the month of March, while I was trying out a postgraduate course that I decided not to pursue.

Six books doesn’t seem like much, at least not to me, but there’s plenty of time left in the year. And besides, the quality of what I’m reading is good, and I like that.

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