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Found: 2012 Resolutions

28 October 2012

I just found a draft of a blog post I started back in February that I never finished or posted. It says,

I don’t usually do New Years Resolutions. This year, I’ve decided to set a few.

  1. Continue to eat healthy and maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Read lots.
  3. Remain connected to myself and the world, and to live mindfully.

I remember thinking about making some resolutions, but I didn’t remember what they were or if I had actually set any. I like these because they are achievable, relevant, and measurable, and they are all things that make me feel good about myself or add value to my life.

Have I achieved these so far? Not completely.

  1. I haven’t done this. I have gained several pant sizes and my face is pudgy where last year at this time I was the happiest I’d been in many years with my physical health.
  2. I have read lots; sometimes in spurts, with lots of space between books, and other times one book after another for many weeks.
  3. I think I have done this, but can be doing it more, specifically the mindfulness part.

Let’s see how the last few months of this year go…

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