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2012 Reading List Update #2

30 September 2012

I haven’t updated this list much this year, and neither have I read for pleasure as much as I planned. The year started out profitably, but then I got distracted by a long-awaited social life, then moving house, then reading a stack of articles and books for work. I’ve read a bit of poetry and some short stories here and there… In the past two weeks however, I read two books: a memoir called “A Friend Like Henry” by Nuala Gardner and a novel by Paul Auster called “The Brooklyn Follies.”

Gardner’s memoir was an interesting story, but it was not written in an enticing way. I read to the end only to find out what happened, not because I was in love with reading the book. “The Brooklyn Follies,” on the other hand, kept me rapt through the last page and wanting more. I’m in luck there–my workmate who lent me the book said she has all of Paul Auster’s novels, and he has a handful of them!

I sent a message to my friend earlier today, “I’m stuck in that post-good-book slump. When the book has ended but you didn’t want it to, and it made you feel all sorts of things you weren’t feeling before you began reading, and now you just don’t know what to do with yourself.” That’s how I feel now, and while it’s not the funnest feeling in the world, I will bring it upon myself again and again, because the worlds inside those books are so worth it.

So here is my updated reading list. Will I check off every item on this list before the year ends? Who knows. Will I keep reading? Yes.


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