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Kitchen Drawers

15 September 2012

I have spent the past few weeks moving from an apartment in Mount Lawley to a house in the hills, in Lesmurdie. It has been hectic, scattered, frustrating, exciting, and tiring. For a while I was living between the two homes, but now all my stuff is in the new house and I have handed over the apartment keys to the landlord. Most of my stuff is unpacked and arranged, but I still have a few boxes I haven’t touched yet. I decided I’d rather spend a week just living before finishing the unpacking.

I moved in with my friend and workmate S., which is exciting and fun. We have similar tastes in decorating styles and we have agreed in most cases on where to put things. One conflict did arise when we were unpacking the kitchen.

I refused to let her arrange the drawers so that the large utensil drawer was under

than the tea towel drawer. You see, if the cutlery drawer is on top, the next drawer down should be large utensils like spatulas, spoons, etc. because they are also commonly-used items. The third drawer down can be tea towels because you don’t go

Correctly-arranged kitchen drawers.

in that drawer every day so it doesn’t need to be as easily accessible. But when we unpacked the kitchen, S. arranged them the other way around, so the tea towels were in second drawer down and the utensils in the third. Her reasoning was that it was how her house growing up had been, so it made sense to her. I understood where she was coming from, but I couldn’t let this mandate how we set up our home, and told her so. After a short (but loving) argument, she relented and the drawers are now correct.

She even told me a few days later that she was getting used to the new arrangement. Success!

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  1. Sarah permalink
    15 September 2012 23:09

    You make me laugh! I may have given in but it doesn’t make it the right order šŸ™‚

    • 16 September 2012 18:13

      Yes it does, and you even said it makes sense to have it that way. :-p

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