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366 Days of Me: Days 342 – 349

9 September 2012

Oh no! There are only two and a half weeks left of my 366 photos project! (Either I counted wrong somewhere, or there aren’t exactly 52 weeks in a year… hmmmm…) I’ve decided that when it ends, I’m going to begin a new 365 photo project. Each month, I’m going to focus on one subject or type of picture. Some ideas I’ve had are:

  • taking a photo at the same time each day
  • taking a photo from the same height (i.e. waist-height) each day
  • taking a photo of the same place each day
  • taking a photo of something of a certain colour
  • focusing on different textures
  • taking a photo of something I learn each day

I need 12 of these ideas. Anybody want to help?

This past week my gratitude has been focused on my new house and what it means to me:

Plush carpet under my feet when I get out of bed

Wood for the fire already cut and stacked

Avocados ready to be plucked from their trees whenever I’m ready for one

Comfy furniture that makes me feel luxurious

Flowers in bloom in my garden

A basketball hoop to compete with my new boyfriend

A mailbox!

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  1. Sarah permalink
    9 September 2012 23:49

    I love that you love your new house as much as I love my new house!

    • 10 September 2012 08:50

      Oh I do, I really do! And I am taking good care of it for you. It misses you, it’s not getting too comfortable with just me to look after it, but it’s comfortable enough because it knows I love it and that you’re coming back to it. đŸ˜‰

      • 10 September 2012 08:50

        P.S. I should upload a new profile photo for this blog, that one’s pretty old now…

      • Sarah permalink
        10 September 2012 16:05


  2. Sarah permalink
    12 September 2012 04:37

    I like this new one

  3. Sarah permalink
    14 September 2012 02:17

    I think a photo of what you achieve daily for a month would be good… like tasks or projects completed… It will be challenging!


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