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July Poems-a-day Catch-up

8 August 2012

Hey hey! I’m back from Queensland, with some poems! I didn’t write every day, but here are some that I did in tandem with S., my holiday partner. We passed the notebook back and forth, each writing one or two lines at a time. I began:

Rain waters the lamp post like it is
a flower that grows
In the morning’s first gleam of light
I marvel at a spider’s web
that glistens like wet eyelashes
Its beauty traps me
If this is what flies feel
when they snare themselves in the sticky lace
then I question nature’s motives
Am I not meant to breathe deeply the fresh air?
Do the leaves not wink at me as the breeze makes them dance?
Which grassy meadows are safe for me to sit and contemplate?
But the spider’s web still glistens, the leaves do wink,
and the flies may feel trapped but
my heart still beats to its own rhythms, so
I surrender to the morning light and let
beauty pull me further down the street.

* * *

S. began this one:

The sound of running water soothes me,
suds filling the bathtub as my clothes hit the floor.
I dip my toes not once but twice
Feeling for the answer to the tangle between my heart
and mind; the heat sends wriggles through my toes
I lie amoungst white bubble bliss
Your hand rests on the dip of my back
washing away the day’s impurities from my skin
and the answer comes to me through
the touch of your skin on mine.
When we make our hearts sing,
our minds can’t help but harmonize.

* * *

I began the next, which was written on a napkin in a restaurant:

A mud crab scooped claw after
claw of sand to make a tunnel
We sat with feet dangling
before the dawning sun, our bellies
holding a place for the day’s first coffee
Our bodies crave the caffeine
but all eyes are fixated on the commotion in the sand
We wonder why it hides from the approaching sun,
but as our bellies fill the tide comes in,
flooding the beach and we fill with pride
at the clever crab who burrowed knowing
what fate would bring.

* * *

This one was after a day of snorkeling:

Each day they splash into my home
with neon feet and flashy cameras,
almost as excited to see me as I am
to see them. I play hard to get,
swimming just out of reach
until they give up, then I sidle
up to their faces and pose
for pictures. When it gets too
crowded I retreat to my clubhouse
under the boat, where they are
too timid to follow. You can
meet my friends; they come out
to play at feeding time, but look
out–nothing gets in their way
of a good fish!

* * *

More tag-team poeming:

If this bridge fell, I’d be ten feet
from a wild crocodile.
That croc has teeth
he is strong like
Tarzan and his jaw
moves like a rabbit trap.
I would have to try and grab him
first, to whisper in his ear
that he is only as ferocious
as a mouse, that I know about his
secret soft side, the chick
flicks he watches and the
nights he cries alone
Perhaps I could persuade him
that someday we may be friends
but I’m past the bridge and it didn’t fall
so I’ll have to whisper
in someone else’s ear tonight.

* * *

In their green utopia
they flutter past me
and land on your red shirt,
recognising you for the flower
that you are. I didn’t know
the sunlight was their
energy as well as their drain,
requiring a perfect air to entice
their wings to beat. What I did
know was how beautiful
each beam of light made
their wings, they glisten.
We rest a finger beside them
hoping for a connection, for their
thread-thin legs to climb up on our
skin, a movement we can’t even feel.
We can hold them for the shortest
moment, as their wings take off
at the speed of your camera shutter.

* * *

I dare you, the words taunted
with confidence, but you were
You bit
the juicy berry and showed me
the two halves. Squishy flesh
encased the hard bean and
you surprised me by smiling
at its sweetness. Juicy, sweet, ripe,
words I had repeated for years
but for some reason hadn’t
equated them to the real thing.
Now here it was in your hand,
and we tasted it and understood
why Kaldi’s goats ate it.

* * *

I look up to these giants
they overwhelm me
soon I will be amoung them
shades of green I didn’t
know existed, lush, vibrant
I steady myself as the tree
I’m in sways, moving with
the wind so it doesn’t snap
Anticipation of my next flight
distracts me, I want t obe
sailing through their canopy
like the lorikeets singing
beside me. But my wings are contrived,
so I strap in before taking off
Too soon I stand upon another tree
And again look up to the giants
and let their majesty astound me.

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