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July poem-a-day 8

21 July 2012

Hey, look, I kept going! I was having too much fun and it felt good writing something every day, even if a lot of them aren’t poems I’ll keep or do anything exciting with. To me, it’s exciting enough to write every single day. So, today’s words are watch, pinch, rejig, warden, and herb. S. gave me the additional challenge of including the line “the first duck is kind of special.”

The first duck is kind of special,
but the last duck is the one you should
watch out for. The runts, the ones
that would fit in the pinch of your
fingers, always end up being the first
to trample your herb garden. Nature
demands a rejig of the heirarchy
as one outgrows the other–not in size
but in demeanor. One becomes
a warden, the other his convict.

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