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July poem-a-day 7

20 July 2012

Oh no! It’s already the end, and I haven’t used all of the words S. gave me. I’m going to keep going until I use them all up. Might be another half a week. 🙂

Here’s today’s words: structure, intense, cloud, freezing, and pillow.

And here’s today’s poem:

You have to twist as you pull.
If it comes off without a struggle,
it’s ready. Leave it be if it doesn’t.
The structure of the tree demands
patience. They will grow when they’re ready.
If you’re impatient, place a pillow
under the tree, lie down and watch
them grow. The waiting might get too
intense, as might the freezing cold
nights. It’s okay to come inside to sleep,
but you’ll miss when they do their
best growing. During the day, the clouds
will keep you company, but don’t let them
distract you. Watch them grow!

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