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July Poem-a-day 4

17 July 2012

Made it to the fourth out of seven for my week-long poem-a-day challenge! Today I used two sets of words: toyboy, robot, napkin, fierce, frame, naughty, moon, croissant, lantern, and joy:

You hang a frame on the wall,
wondering why your heart beats
so fiercely this afternoon. All this
and you still feel like a robot–
maybe it’s not your heart
beating, but a mechanical motor
keeping you going. The man
in the frame is your latest
toyboy. You frame them all,
so it looks like you care
for them. When you drop
one for the next, you replace
the photographs with new ones,
taken on your first night together.
(The only night you had dinner
before sex.) On those nights,
you kept your napkin folded
in your lap until the last
drop of wine sank down
your throat, then led him
to the bed like a naughty
schoolboy. The moon shone
through the venetians in stripes,
turning your bed into a pedestrian
crosswalk. Or a lantern.
The morning after, you bake
croissants from a tin and eat them
on your balcony before sending him
away. Those croissants–the only
moment of joy in each encounter.

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