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July Poem-a-day 3

16 July 2012

I skipped a day, so today I wrote two poems to make up for it. The first one uses the words stripes, carpet, happy, whoosh, and street:

These are the first stripes I found,
twin yellow lines whooshing
down the centre of the asphalt
between rows of trees, a carpet
of dew on their gnarly roots.
The snakes are happy sliding
in the slick.

And this one uses the words timeline, reflections, trust, easy, and whistle:

Trust the timeline of your life.
Trust its reflections. It’s easy
to whistle if you know how,
but upon reflection, some things
are easier before you know how
to do them. Think of your timeline
as a whistle; trust that it reflects you well.

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  1. The Tripping Pencil permalink
    17 July 2012 13:56

    “sliding in the slick” I like a lot. Keep it up. You have me inspired.

  2. The Tripping Pencil permalink
    17 July 2012 13:59

    How do you decide on the 5 words?

    • 17 July 2012 15:58

      Well actually, one night I wanted some inspiration for a poem so I asked a friend to give me a set of 5 words to use, and she gave me about 20 sets of 5 words and told me “there, now you have more than enough to write a poem each day for a week and choose one set of words for each.” So that’s what I’m doing!

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