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July Poem-a-Day 1

14 July 2012

Hello! My friend S. challenged me to a poem a day for a week, and gave me a bajillion sets of 5 words each to choose from. Here is the first one, using the words teardrop, pencil, green, reality, and glass:

This teardrop drops down
the length of a pencil,
folding down the hexagonal
edges like a glass-beaded slinky.

Reality is, it leaked
from the green metal cap
encircling the pencil
where the eraser is attached.

This teardrop fell when the lead
tip snapped, splintering like
a broken femur protruding
from its skin. A tiny pair

of fingers picked at the torn nib
until it came loose, leaving
shard of teak to scrape
against white paper.

Sounds like fingernails on
a chalkboard, if you want
a cliche. This teardrop bled
onto the white paper where

the lead should have scribbled
your name. When it dries,
no one will even know
it’s there.


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