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How to make a bad day a good day

26 June 2012

Hug someone!

No seriously. I had the day off work today, and after going to the chiro in the morning, I came back home with plans to have a relaxing but creatively satisfying day (i.e., read a book, write some poetry or edit a story, play piano) with a little laundry thrown in. Instead, I washed a few dishes, looked in my fridge, decided not to make lunch, thought about writing a shopping list, decided not to, went online, had no new emails or messages to reply to, looked at my new phone for a bit, and generally did nothing for about four hours. I then realised it was already the middle of the afternoon and I had done nothing, and felt like I had just wasted my whole day!

I like doing nothing when the “nothing” I’m doing is actually something–watching a movie, reading a book, generally lounging about but enjoying the time. Today I didn’t enjoy my time, I kept waiting for something to happen, but I didn’t make anything happen for a long time.

Then I got over myself, gathered up my notebook and pen and a letter I started writing to a friend months ago (yes, months!) and took myself out to a cafe. I’d never been to Sherbet before, but it was great. They use Fiori coffee, one of my favourites, and their “sweetheart brownie” was delightful warmed up–a chocolate brownie with raspberries inside! I was still feeling quite frustrated with myself for letting my day disappear, but managed to write two pages from prompts in my notebook and I also wrote another two pages of the letter to my friend.

Then R. rang me and we took the dogs for a walk, and when we got back to her place, her husband who I hadn’t seen in weeks got home so I stayed and chatted with him for half an hour before going home. But the best part? The hugs I got from him when he arrived home and again when I was leaving.

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