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A story about a new couch

20 June 2012

Every time I sit on my new couch–not just sit, but sink right into it, leaning back into the cushions–I feel like it is giving me a big hug. This is lovely!

However, her arrival did not start out so lovely. After waiting two months for the couch’s delivery, I was told it would arrive on Saturday morning. Great! I set my alarm clock for 9AM. At 7AM I awoke from a deep, deep sleep to my ringing phone. It was the delivery guys, telling me the couch would be there in half an hour. While I would have liked to sleep that last two hours, at least I was getting my new couch. I got up and quickly moved the existing furniture in my spare room, where the couch was going, so it would fit.

At 8AM (half an hour after they said they’d be there) the couch arrived. Once the guys carried it up seven flights of stairs because it didn’t fit in the elevator, they maneuvered it through my front door, through the doorway into the hallway, and down the hall to the door of the spare room. They then realised that because of the narrow hallway and the angle into the spare room, they wouldn’t be able to get the couch through the doorway into the room where it belonged.


But wait! They decided to try taking it out onto the balcony and then through the window from the balcony into the spare room. I cleared the table, chairs, and plants off the balcony and into my kitchen to make room for them, and removed the screen from the window. Then they picked up the couch and… turns out my balcony door is smaller than the other doorways and the couch wouldn’t fit through.


A photo of the upended couch in the hallway outside of the spare room door.

Where did I want them to leave the couch? they asked me. “Just where it is, I guess.” I had to keep it in the main room (living room) and move one of the existing couches into the spare room where the new couch was supposed to go.

But wait, it gets better. (Worse?)

The existing set-up in the living room was two brown couches; one 3-seater and one 2-seater. I decided that the 3-seater would surely fit into the spare room, as it was a fair bit smaller in both length and width than the new couch. So I pulled the 3-seater away from the wall and into the centre of the room, then pushed the new couch into its space.

Uh-oh… the new couch is too long, and if I leave it there, I can’t open my door to leave my apartment. Sigh. I leave it there for the time being and go to put the 3-seater into the spare room. I get it down the hall and up on its end, and despite my best efforts, that couch is also too big to fit through the awkward angle of the hallway-to-spare room doorway scenario! By this point I am furiously frustrated. I leave the 3-seater on its end in the hallway, come back out to the main room, and swivel the new couch around so it is against the corner wall. Which means the 2-seater couch is half-blocked by the new couch. But by this point I am exhausted (remember, they stole two hours of my sleeping time!) so I throw myself on the new couch and send a few rant-y text messages to my friend, who finished work a few hours later then came over to help me figure out how to arrange my now scattered furniture.

As soon as she saw the upended couch in my hallway, she burst out laughing. As in, big belly laughter that just wouldn’t cease! And that was the first time I actually saw the humour in the situation. She then helped me put the 3-seater back where it started, move

The new couch in place.

the 2-seater into the spare room, and put the new couch where the 2-seater was. Not my ideal layout, but it doesn’t look bad either.

She even used her mad decorating skills to make the two couches in the main room, which don’t technically match, look like they belong together. (In case you’re curious, she did this by mixing and matching the cushions between the two.)

So! Now I have a new couch.

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  1. riotflower permalink
    24 June 2012 22:51

    Sounds like a great friend! I’m glad she’s in your life : * )


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