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4 June 2012

I came across this short response to an assignment from uni in May 2006 and thought it would be fun to post. Here is the text that went with this picture:

“As I was painting last night in attempt to create a response, I realized that the product I was creating was not the paintings themselves, but what came of them unexpectedly–the image above. I put this scrap piece of poster board underneath the paper I was painting on so I wouldn’t get paint on the carpet. As the night progressed, the poster became more and more painted around the edges of my paintings and from when I needed to wipe the excess paint off my brush. At one point, I picked up a painting I had just finished and realized how messy the poster underneath had become. Just then, a friend walked in the room and commented on my ‘cool’ painting–referring to this poster. I realized that although I hadn’t purposely painted the board, that it only held my ‘mistakes,’ I had, in effect, created another painting in this manner. This painting is the true product of my creative process because it is what was left behind when the final ‘products’ that I was attempting to produce were complete. It is all of the products mixed together, and it is a representation of my creative process.

When I write poetry, one of these ‘scrap posters’ is always left behind–only it is not visual, but in my mind. Every time we write, the process we go through changes us in tiny ways that are often not visible or even perceptible to ourselves or others. However, these changes do affect us and how we live, think, see the world, etc. Just like the scrap poster I made last night, many scrap posters of poetry are inside me that are the true result of my poetic process. The process is no longer about the product we present to the world; it’s about the product that results inside us.”

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