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365 Days of Me: Days 223-229

13 May 2012

From Monday through Saturday of this past week I was on the road with my workmate J. We traveled down south installing new machines in our cafés down there, and stayed in a different town almost every night. Here’s what I was grateful for en route:

We watched the end of the second Sherlock Holmes movie while eating Macca’s (chips and frozen Coke for me!) instead of retreating to our own separate rooms for the night.

This gecko surprised me in my hotel room, and encouraged quite a lot of Facebook conversation when I posted a picture of him that night.

The sun setting over the Busselton Jetty with storm clouds rolling in was a sight to see!

This statement on a bag in a shop in Dunsborough made me giggle. I enjoyed browsing in this shop without buying anything.

J. likes to pretend he is not sentimental, but this frangipani proved otherwise. He picked it one morning before we left to “cover up the coffee smell in the car.” (I think secretly he just liked them and wanted flowers in the car.)

While I enjoy traveling for work, I was happy to be back home today, and had a laugh at these coasters artfully arranged by S. the last time she was here.

My mom is the best mom in the world and I love her! I wish I could see her more often, but I am thankful that she is happy and healthy and that she is MY mum. I’m sorry for not living closer to you. (My dad is cool too though, this poster I saw in the shop just needed a photo taken with me regardless!)

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