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365 Days of Me: Days 202 – 208

23 April 2012

I told my friend S. about this project and she started one of her own–365 photos of things she’s grateful for. I like her idea so much that I’m going to adopt it for the remainder of my project. My first gratitude photo is the last one in this week, number 208. I’m grateful for that friend’s presence in my life. 🙂

(S. I swear I didn’t write that just because I knew you’d read it)

In hindsight, each of my photos this week is something I am/was grateful for on that day.

Long day at work broken by lunch at the beach 🙂

A cafe in Cottesloe

Another cafe in Cottesloe, with a 4-group La Marzocco & Mazzer grinders

Lunch at Wagamamas

Homemade camping lanterns

Billy tea

S. and I after watching Salmon Fishing in Yemen

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