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365 Days of Me: How’s it going?

20 March 2012

Nearly halfway through my year of daily photographs, I’m still going strong. Most photos are taken on my Blackberry, not for quality obviously but for convenience. My goal is to have a photograph representing every day of this year in my life, and so far that goal has been attainable. I enjoy taking a moment each day to think about what I’d like to photograph, or to suddenly be in a moment and realise–this is it! take a picture!–and whip out my phone to capture it. 

One of the gifts I received for Christmas this year was a One Line a Day memory book, where each page has the date at the top, but without the year. Then there are 5 sections on the page, each section a space to write something about that day in a particular year. Five years later, you can look at any date and see five years’ worth of what you did/thought on that day. I think it’s a pretty neat idea. I wonder if a few years from now if I look back at this year’s entries and match them up with my daily photos, would the comments and photos match, or would they represent different aspects of my day?

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