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My Reading List for 2012

26 February 2012

I must have forgotten to post my reading list for 2012, because I just searched for it to mark off my first four books and it isn’t here! So, please find below my reading list for 2012, with the first four books I’ve read already marked off. I have to thank my workmate Jo for giving me a kick-start to reading this year. When we were in Esperance, she would read every afternoon, and I soon became jealous and bought myself “When God Was a Rabbit,” an infinitely good move, because it turned out to be one of my favourite books of all-time!

But anyway. The list is this:

  • 1 biography or memoir
  • 1 how-to book
  • 3 short story collections
  • 1 book on craft
  • 1 historical novel
  • 2 1 book by authors I’ve never read
    • When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman
  • 2 1 book by authors I’ve read and want more of
  • 1 book in a new discipline/field of interest
  • 2 1 book by local authors
  • 2 1 children’s book
  • 2 classics
  • 1 re-read
  • 1 book of great heft
  • 6 books of poetry
  • 2 literary journals
  • 1 nonfiction/literary journalism book
  • 1 travel writing
  • 1 humorous book
  • 12 10 issues of The Sun Magazine
    • January & February 2012 issues
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  1. 26 February 2012 16:02

    Hmm, reminds me to make my own list too!

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