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365 Days of Me: Day 137

12 February 2012

I sent this card to my sister today. (Hope she doesn’t read this blog–at least not until she gets it in the mail!)

I’ve had a good weekend so far. I spent Friday at work getting to know our new coffee machines. Then late-night shopping in the city with my good friend R., and afterwards we took her dogs out for a nighttime walk.

Saturday was lazy: chatted to two friends over internet in the morning, then cooked zucchini fritters for lunch. Spent an hour poring through a cookbook choosing my recipes for this week, then took the dogs out for another walk with R. Bought some groceries on the way home, lazed about and read in the evening.

Today, I had breakfast with a friend at Coode Street Cafe, then I did my fruit & veg shopping. About to make a delicious sandwich for lunch. Then, who knows what I’ll do this afternoon? Possibly get my hair trimmed, if I feel like driving to Midland. If I don’t, I will swim in the pool & probably finish the book I’m reading. Perhaps another catch-up with a friend.

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