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I just sent this e-mail to my mom:

7 February 2012


You HAVE to get this book: When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman. You will read it and then want to recommend it to all your book club members. If you don’t, I will be shocked.   🙂

I bought this book in Esperance when I wanted something to read and only had a magazine. I just found it on the shelf. The title grabbed my interest, so I read the back cover, and decided to try it. When I was paying for it, the woman at the till said she loved this book and highly recommended it. I was happy to hear that, as I like getting recommendations on books to read. It was especially nice that I had already chosen to read it and then got the recommendation, like a confirmation of what I’d chosen.

I took the book home (to our house in Esperance) and showed my colleague Jo, who loves to read more than I do, and she squealed and said she just LOVED that book and so would I! She had also read it recently, and was excited to hear what I thought of it.

Well, I read it in two afternoons, and could hardly put it down. It’s just one of those books. The only bad part about it is that it’s the author’s first book, so I can’t go out and buy something else she’s written!


Now, I know this tells you nothing about why I liked the book, but seriously. Just read it.

Someday when I read it again, I’ll write more about it. It’s too soon right now; I’m still too intimate with it.


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