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Where have I been?

4 February 2012

Well, you obviously know through my pictures that I’ve had a bit of a holiday! I spent 5 weeks with my family in Pennsylvania, came home to Perth for one day, then went down to Esperance for 2 and a half weeks for work. It was a lovely way to ease myself back into work mode. The photos of the beautiful beaches and the cafe shots are from Esperance.

I now am only 4 photos behind in my posting. Woohoo! Will get to that in a few days. First, some highlights from my time in the US:

  • picking out the family Christmas tree together
  • doing Christmas shopping with my sister
  • spending lots and lots of time with my sister, and meeting and getting to know her boyfriend
  • having some good quality time with my friends, and meeting two friends’ fiances/husbands
  • being part of Christmas dinner with my extended family
  • celebrating New Years Eve with three good friends from uni
  • staying in a mud cottage my friends built by hand on a mountain in Virginia

And highlights from my time in Esperance:

  • witnessing a brand-new cafe perform in the top 5 in our whole network, and the staff being so amazing that they looked like a seasoned team
  • swimming out to the big rock at Twilight Beach and climbing up to have a look around
  • climbing & exploring the other big rock at Twilight Beach and discovering some beautiful views
  • cooking for my workmates in the house we stayed in
  • getting to know some of my workmates better
  • driving home via a road-trip through Albany, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Busselton, Bunbury, & Pinjarra; singing in the car with my workmate most of the way

Now I’m back in Perth, settling back into my apartment, city life, and normal work weeks. I took a 16km walk with my friend R. and her two dogs this afternoon. Our first walk in nearly 8 weeks! That I’ve missed.

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  1. 5 February 2012 14:26

    It is nice to get away and to be with family and friends, but so much nicer to get home, I think. I am so happy that you had such a great time – the photos have been fantastic.

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