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I’m over here now!

13 December 2011

Not to worry, I haven’t given up my photo-a-day project, nor have I disappeared from the planet. What I have done is snuck over to the other side of the world. When my sister visited me in Australia last May, we conjured up a grand idea for me to surprise my parents by coming home for the holidays. Last week, after 44 hours of traveling (including 5 flights and many hours of layovers in various airports), I arrived home at 10:30pm. My sister and her boyfriend picked me up from the airport, and I walked into the house saying “Merry Christmas!” My parents had no idea that I was coming, and were shocked! And super, super, super excited and thrilled of course! So this past week has been a whirlwind of jet-leg, seeing people, and family time.

My camera has stayed close by, and in the next week I will post a smorgasboard of photos for the days since I last posted. I’ll be here until 10 January, so plenty of fun times ahead! I plan to spend most of the time with my family, with visiting some friends scattered throughout my five weeks.

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  1. 16 December 2011 12:47

    What a great gift you are for your family! I hope you enjoy every single morsel of your stay!

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