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365 Days of Me: Day 65

1 December 2011

I missed two days of photos; sorry! Picking it up again today, with number 65… the latest pool update. Almost ready to swim in!

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  1. 1 December 2011 21:06

    I am looking at this, then looking at the foot of snow outside my window. Which scene do you think looks far more inviting???

    • 2 December 2011 19:48

      Hmmmm…. both are pretty appealing to me, actually! I miss the snow now that I live here, but I do love and appreciate our warm climate here!

      • 3 December 2011 12:09

        I THOUGHT that was looking forward to the cold weather this year – I have been a hot flash machine since I became a hyster-sister last year – but I found out this week that no, I do not like the cold weather at all and all of the snow, snow, snow. I think we have more on the way Sunday. Ack!

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