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What have I done this week?

25 November 2011

Starting last Friday, I:

  • enjoyed playing laser tag so much more than I expected to at a work team event
  • didn’t go to the Pride parade or parties Saturday night because those I was planning to meet there backed out; instead, I spent a lovely night sharing dinner, drinks, and a movie with two good friends
  • had a lunch meeting a new vegetarian cafe in Mount Lawley, and went on a 16k walk around the river with R.; bought lotto tickets but didn’t win
  • spent my day off Tuesday shopping, cleaning, and relaxing
  • new cafe opening went well; had dinner at Go Gos Madras Curry House, then to Bingay at the Queens
  • thought about what I’m thankful for when I saw on Facebook that it was Thanksgiving (so I’ve been here for 4 years, long enough to forget to keep track of what day it falls on each year) (I’m thankful for the approaching summer weather, a job I love, personal strength, and each of the marvelous people in my life who I appreciate so much more than they can know.)
  • received two books in the mail that I ordered using a gift card left over from my birthday in July
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  1. 26 November 2011 21:49

    You, my friend, are an amazing writer and I am lazy because I never looked before today. Only got to read through a couple of the published one and I have to go to work for the day, but tonight I am going to read more!

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