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Napowrimo III

8 November 2011

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, I suppose I should mention that Napowrimo is traditionally held in April each year. It is the challenge of writing a poem a day for the month. November is Nanowrimo, or writing a novel in a month. I’m doing Napowrimo right now, in November, because I needed the push in my writing. In April 2010 I participated in Napowrimo, often writing my poem of the day based off a given prompt. I tried to participate the year before but didn’t complete all 30 poems.

Today’s prompt is from a line in this post. I’d also like to point out my favourite section in said post:

Sort of like this: the sky reaches down to us when it rains. No, that’s not it. Like this: the sky craves intimacy just like the rest of us. Otherwise, we enjoy its pale blue distance.

Nicely said, Carolee!

Here’s my little conglomeration of words for the day……..

Third poem

My friend warns me about reading too much into these love letters. I want to study each word, its meaning, its Latin roots, to figure out what the writer of this letter meant to say. But my friend tells me it would be a waste. She said what she meant to say, nothing more. That reminds me of starting campfires in June, the first few of the summer. Fresh tinder, green and sinewy, smokes easily but difficult to light. I always tried to peel back one more layer, then another, thinking the thinner the strands of green, the quicker it would heat up and alight. My friend says I am peeling back more layers than the letter is actually made up of. I say the letter has as many layers as I am willing to give it.

While I peeled away at layers of tinder, guitars were tuning up beside me. Three of them, plucking the same string over and over again to match its vibration with the other guitars.

Layers of music. The campfire lights eventually, with the aide of some crumpled newspaper. I crumple the letter and strike a match.

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  1. Eagle permalink
    12 November 2011 05:10

    Reading to much into something really resonated with me. I have done that so many times. Very relatable.

    And feel better!

  2. 12 November 2011 17:48

    Thanks Eags!

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