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365 Days of Me: Day 38

1 November 2011

I made this for my kitchen wall; the pages are from a cooking magazine quick-reference for converting Imperial to Metric. Most of my cookbooks are American so this is helpful!

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  1. 1 November 2011 20:00

    That is a really good idea!

  2. Eagle permalink
    5 November 2011 22:57

    I love it! I have a project similar to that at school: we have to create posters converting metric to US standard. Yesterday I bought 2000 paperclips and 300 pieces of gum to make my posters. (1 paper clip equals a gram and the short side of trident cum is about a cm and the long side is about 1 inch). My mother thinks I am crazy!


  3. 8 November 2011 05:10

    This is a great idea…glad I found you.

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