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365 Days of Me: Day 30

24 October 2011

This afternoon I was in the city and wanted a coffee, and the three cafes within a block of where I was were all closed at 4pm! Crazy! So I bought a Coke instead, because I still felt I needed a pick-me-up. For those of you outside Australia, Coca-Cola’s summer advertising campaign is putting names on each bottle of Coke. For example, a bottle of Coke might say, “Share a Coke with Lindsay” or “Share a Coke with Steve.” I didn’t realise it until today, but they are doing something slightly different with cans of Coke:

Thanks to Coke, I'm sharing a Coke with my Dad from across the world!

They had “Mum” ones too. Next time I fancy a Coke, I’ll share one with you, Mom!

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  1. 25 October 2011 07:18

    That is COOL! We are so deprived here in the States!

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