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365 Days of Me: Day 13

6 October 2011

Thirteen days into this project, I’m fascinated by how quickly I have adjusted to keeping an eye out for my “pic of the day.” At various moments throughout my day, I find myself wondering, “Should I take a photo of this? Will this be my photo for today? Is this the most defining moment of my day?” I often take 2-3 photos and then choose which one to post in the evening based on the uniqueness of the photo subject, and also on the quality of the photo itself. So far, I’ve taken most of the photos on my Blackberry so they are low resolution. I’d like to start carrying my DSLR everywhere with me, but it can become hindersome to do so, especially at work when I’m trying to focus on accomplishing tasks, not lugging around a camera in case the moment strikes. But we’ll see.

Today’s photo is my reflection in a mirror that I’m halfway through removing the paint from. My plan is to stain the original wood to match my desk.


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