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365 Days of Me: Day 9

2 October 2011

Today’s photo is a very dark photo of my new curtains:

I bought them yesterday from Ikea. My weekend was satisfyingly productive, and fun. Friday afternoon I had a drink with some workmates, then went into Perth with my friend R. We found some summer shoes for me and a few tops, then had dinner at Jus Burgers in Northbridge. We both really enjoyed the evening, lots of chatting about non-work topics, which was a nice change.

Saturday morning I went to Ikea, then met up with R. and we took her dogs on a 2-hour walk around Mount Lawley. When I got home, I suddenly got into a cleaning frenzy and now my apartment is fresh and sparkly!

This morning I finished my cleaning, did some laundry, made vegetable pasties for lunch (and some leftover to freeze for work lunches), then went to help R. prune some trees. I gave her a cushion I bought for her yesterday as a token of gratitude for all she’s done for me/helped me with, and she was very pleased with it. 🙂 Afterward we took the dogs for another, shorter walk before I headed home.

This evening I have re-potted a plant, applied paint stripper to the wooden frame of a mirror I found a few weeks ago, and cooked dinner (couscous & tempeh with steamed broccoli & carrots).

Such a pleasant weekend, topped off with the fabulous weather, is making me so happy.

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  1. riotflower permalink
    3 October 2011 21:54

    Sounds like a lovely weekend! I have to say that I’m jealous that you’re about to breeze into your Summer…although I think you probably live in one of the nicest weather places I’ve ever been to!

    • 3 October 2011 22:03

      I agree, I even said to R. on our walk how Perth has an ideal weather arrangement! Winter is cold, but not biting cold, summer is hot, but not constant/extreme humidity, and in between are just lovely 🙂

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