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Writers’ Triangle

7 September 2011

Two (new) friends and I have created a Writers’ Triangle. We met tonight for the first time to hash out what exactly it is we want from this group and how we will go about it. I am so excited! I have been wanting to join or start a writers’ workshop group for a few years, and it’s been one of those things that I a) couldn’t find already in existence, b) couldn’t attend the ones that were in existence because they were at times when I had to work, and c) didn’t get the oomph needed to start my own group.

Now I’ve got the oomph! We have three very different writing styles, but I think that will serve us well when it comes to critiquing and giving unique viewpoints on our work. We’re going to meet once a week, and a few days before we meet we’ll send each other a draft of our work. We’ll read the drafts and mark them up on our own, then talk about them at a cafe. (Our chosen cafe is Mrs. S. in Maylands.)

It’s called a “triangle” instead of a “circle” because there’s only the three of us for now, but we’re open to new members if we find someone interested. Better to grow organically than force the group to be bigger just for the sake of it.

Inspired by our meeting, I just spent the last two hours going through all the story beginnings I’ve written in the past two years and choosing a few to bring back to life. And now I have my writing desk to work on! Life is good.

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  1. 11 September 2011 22:05

    Excellent. I think it’s really good that you have different writing styles. I would never want to get crit from people who all write in the same genre, because I would hope to be read by all sorts of people, not just “mystery fans.”

    I have some people who critique my stuff, and vice versa, but it’s all online (the four people who are reading my WIP are in Australia, Pennsylvania, Texas, and… I forget where the fourth one is. Actually, I’m not 100% sure about Texas either, though I know she lived there at one point). A whole different thing when it’s face-to-face.

  2. 12 September 2011 21:59

    I agree, I’m excited to see the different POVs we can bring to a piece by our different writing styles. It must be very different having all your critiquers online. It’d be less confronting, but also harder to communicate a nuance or voice inflexion if you’re trying to explain what you mean by a certain comment… although I guess we’re all so used to communicating online now that maybe it wouldn’t be a big issue

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