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Mrs. S., polenta, and a poem

30 August 2011

Mrs. S.

This morning I was awake and ready to start my day a whole hour and a half before my first work appointment, so I went to a cafe in Maylands called Mrs. S. My friend R. had taken me there once before with her dad, and I fell in love with it straight away. That day, I had a dark hot chocolate with soy, and it came in what can only be described as a bowl–and was made with real chunks of melted chocolate and also came with a jug of chocolate chips on the side!


This time I ordered a soy mocha and splurged for breakfast: mushrooms, polenta, and pesto. It was SO delicious that I may need to go back again very soon and order the same meal! It’s rare for me to find a good place to eat breakfast, because vegan versions of common breakfast food are hard to find (but easy to make at home). I’m so happy to have found this one.

A Poem

After I ate, I still had plenty of time before work, so I began writing on a page in my work notebook, as I had left my own writing notebook at home. One and a half pages into it, a poem emerged. How exciting! I haven’t written a new poem draft in months. I was beginning to fear for my inner poet. But I like this one, and I think after a edit or two, I will send it out into the world.


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