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Oh, What a Weekend

15 August 2011

Painting? What painting? Did I say I was going to spend my weekend painting so I would have my apartment finished by now? Hmmmm…… I somewhat recall saying that. But it definitely didn’t happen. What did happen was a lot of fun though!

After work on Friday, I stopped at the strip of secondhand furniture shops on Guildford Road to look for a desk. I’m after an old wooden desk—solid, but I’m happy to sand and stain it—to put in my spare room and use as my writing desk. That “study” in my apartment just doesn’t get enough daylight to use as my writing space. I’m using it for storage space now, and it’s going to stay that way. I call it my “messy room” for a reason.

I planned on just popping into each store for a quick look for desks, then heading home, but I ended up spending two hours between the four stores! It was like exploring a vault of hidden treasures. There were so many old bits and pieces—lamps, weighing scales, books, odd pieces of machinery, clocks, chairs, and so many other odds and ends that were amazing to look and marvel at. I wanted to buy about eight different things, but I chose to wait and see how my room and bookshelves looked when I had finished painting and set it up before choosing what to buy. I’d rather pick just one or two key things to stand out in the room than get them all and have nothing seem especially unique.

I did buy a collection of piano music for $1. I’ve been wanting to find an old piece of sheet music to frame and hang on my wall among my collection of photos, but I’m excited about this music because it’s a collection of eight different pieces that look fun to play as well.

Got some painting done Friday night, thankfully, then spent Saturday in Fremantle with a friend, café-hopping and taking photographs. (The last three photos in this post are from that day.) It had been too long since I’ve spent time in Freo, and it was lovely being back near the ocean and in the town that I love.

I met another friend for coffee Sunday morning–literally, I just met her. Remember when I said I got a phone number in Kalgoorlie? Well, we’ve been texting ever since. Long, fantastic texts about philosophy and life and the world so when she said she’d be in Perth this weekend visiting with friends, we agreed to catch up. We had a great time continuing our text conversations face-to-face. We’re both deep thinkers, which invariably leads to interesting conversation.

My friend R. and I took the dogs for a walk Sunday afternoon. It rained very hard Sunday morning, but just in time for our walk, it cleared and the sky was cerulean blue with fluffy white clouds–gorgeous! It feels joyous to walk in weather like that.

I made eggplant parmesan for dinner, and this time I looked at a few recipes before making it and realised I’ve been missing a key ingredient—the pasta! I’ve made eggplant parmy multiple times since moving into this apartment, and never served it over spaghetti, but I couldn’t even find a single recipe that didn’t include this.

While I do want to get this painting done, I am very pleased with my weekend and don’t regret spending the time I did socialising with good people.

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  1. riotflower permalink
    1 September 2011 03:52

    If you ever make eggplant parm again and don’t have spaghetti, no worries- it is *amazing* as sub- stick it on some French bread and include plenty of sauce and cracked black pepper! It’s a specialty in Boston.

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