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Pumpkin & Beetroot Soup

7 August 2011

I bought a beetroot last week intending to use it in sandwiches, but I didn’t make any sandwiches all week. It started wrinkling, so I decided I better use it before it goes off. I had half a pumpkin waiting to be made into soup, so I combined the two and made pumpkin & beetroot soup.

I cut the pumpkin & beetroot into 2-inch chunks and chucked them into a large pot of water along with half an onion, 3 cloves of garlic, a handful of pine nuts, and a sprinkling of veggie stock powder. Forty-five minutes later, I had this delicious soup!

It was the perfect dinner to make after a long day of painting. Deliciousness without a lot of effort. And bonus points for making enough that I have leftovers for lunch today and can freeze the rest for a lazy day dinner down the road. Yum!

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