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Happiness is in the sun

5 August 2011

It stopped raining!

Today was a great day. The combination of sunshine, blue sky, phone conversation with a dear friend, short yet productive work day, pleasantly productive afternoon, and late arvo dog-walking with a friend made me feel warm and fuzzy all day.

I have been doing my laundry at the laundromat since I moved into my apartment, because the space I need to fit a washing machine through to get it into the laundry room is impossibly narrow and I couldn’t find a small enough machine when I first moved in, so I stopped looking. Today I was driving and noticed a Fridge & Washer City, and for some reason felt that I should stop and have a look. Turns out they not only had two washing machines small enough to fit through the space, but there was a massive sale on so I bought myself a washing machine!

I also picked up some photos I had printed to frame on my wall after I paint this weekend. They are now all over my coffee table while I decide which ones to group together.

Here are my painting supplies, all ready for me to start tomorrow morning:

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