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Kalgoorlie Adventures

22 July 2011

I’m back from Kalgoorlie! We drove back today in just under 7 hours, including a 25-minute stop for lunch. The weather was gorgeous: bright blue sky, fluffy white clouds to start with, and then deep, vicious-looking storm clouds as we got closer to Perth and the rain. The sun shining on the dark clouds was striking.

My first trip to Kalgoorlie was definitely an adventure. We worked at the cafe every day, mostly helping to train staff. Unrelated to work, I had a few “firsts” this week:

1. First time getting a ride with strangers. One night R. and I decided to walk to and from the gym instead of driving. We thought we knew how to get there, but weren’t sure at one point which way to turn so we stopped a car to ask for directions, and the young couple inside offered us a ride saying that we were still pretty far away.

2. First time being given someone’s phone number. A customer at the cafe wrote a note with her phone number and gave it to a staff member to give to me! I know a few people who get numbers like that regularly, but I’ve never been the recipient (or giver) of one, so I was chuffed that someone felt compelled to give me their number! I did reply to her, but only to thank her and kindly decline the offer. I figured if she was bold enough to do it, I could at least give her the decency of responding.

We also both spent a few ugly days feeling really sick. It was my turn first. I had a firey sore throat, headache, and sore neck and sinuses. Then when I started feeling better, R. got sore and nauseous. We make a great team that way. (-:

We checked out the Super Pit the day before we left. That was pretty cool. It reminded me of the Grand Canyon, the way each layer of rock was a different colour:

And of course, no trip to Kalgoorlie is complete without visiting one of the local pubs.

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