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Hi from Kalgoorlie

16 July 2011

I’ve been in Kalgoorlie a week. It’s not very exciting, but I always enjoy seeing new places. Most of my time has been dedicated to work, eating, or sleeping, but three evenings last week we made it to the gym! My workmate did a cardio session while I swam laps, then I sat in the spa while she sat in the sauna, then joined me in the spa at the end. It was lovely, and we are going back again tomorrow afternoon. The past two days at work have been extra busy and tiring–my body is craving that spa right now!

Also tomorrow, I’m hoping to get some time to walk around town with my camera. There are so many old, magnificent buildings and a few quirky things if you can find them.

Tonight after working for a while in the hotel room after we left the cafe, we decided to go for a walk. It was already dark (6:30pm) but I enjoyed seeing Kalgoorlie at a leisurely pace, and a few streets I hadn’t been down before. There is actually quite a good selection of stores, I’d love to spend an afternoon shopping 🙂

Now, however, it’s time to put on my PJs, cuddle up in bed, and write a letter to a friend before going to sleep.

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