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The energy between us

5 July 2011

There are two guys I’ve been working with recently that I get on with really well. One has been working there for a while, and recently I’ve started to really enjoy his company. The other joined the team more recently. Two days ago the three of us had one of those conversations that you didn’t realise was going to last so long, and that you don’t realise how much time has passed or what has gone on around you until it is suddenly three hours later yet has felt like twenty minutes.

I love my work, but I wish it didn’t limit my social choices. Both of these guys have fantastic, strong personalities and if it weren’t for work, I would probably be close friends with them. I’ve got an estimated ten weeks left working closely with their team, then hopefully we can become more friendly without it having an effect on the work environment. These guys–one of them especially–just make sense to me. They think along the same lines I do, they are open and honest about who they are, and they are just plain good company. I feel lucky to know them.

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