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My first concert with the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra = a success!

27 June 2011

After attending the dress rehearsal on Thursday (which was the only rehearsal I attended for this piece, because I only just joined the orchestra this week) I downloaded the piece and practiced my part at home along with the music. It’s a lot of counting! I was still a tiny bit worried that I would miscount my rests and come in too early, but during the warm-up we played that section and I came in at the right time, so that gave me confidence. Plus, during the concert, I didn’t play in the first two pieces so I rehearsed my part in my head over and over again, just to be sure I’d get it right. And I did!

After the concert, the orchestra members had nibbles & drinks, so I joined them for a short time to meet a few of the others. They are a friendly bunch of people. The other percussionist only joined one week before I did, so we are both newcomers! And both from overseas, as well. (He is from Germany.)

Now we have a week off, then start rehearsing the following Monday for our next concert. Heads up for September 25th!

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  1. 29 June 2011 18:29

    Hey Mallery,

    It was a great concert wasn’t it? And the percussion was GREAT! That prolonged CRAAAAASH in the Tchaikovsky was amazing.

    We’re really glad that you could join us.


  2. riotflower permalink
    6 July 2011 05:59

    Glad to hear you’re playing with an orchestra! : * )

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