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It was so wet

26 June 2011

Friday afternoon, we had combined farewell/welcome drinks at work for a guy who’s moving to Melbourne and a new guy who’s just joined us. The combination of a Friday afternoon, snazzy new office porch furniture, two helicopters, the impending rainstorm, and a couple of drinks encouraged a group of us to continue our afternoon into the evening in the city.

We decided to go to the Brisbane, and someone offered to drive us there. As we climbed out of the car at the Brisbane, the rainstorm went from “impending” to “no-way-in-hell-you’re-staying-even-remotely-dry” downpour. Of course we didn’t take into account the footy game on that night, so the Brisbane was so packed there was a line to get in. And there was no roof anywhere near us. Within two minutes, we were all soaked.

We decided to go a few blocks further to the GrapeSkin wine bar at the Brass Monkey. This proved to be a good choice–two lovingly-empty couches directly under a pair of heat lamps to warm our bones (and dry our clothes)! We squeezed as much water out of our sleeves as we could, and settled in with glasses of wine and bowls of chips. I spent the night getting to know the guy we had welcomed earlier that evening (who isn’t new to the company, just to the office) and the woman he’s working with, who I work closely with as well but didn’t know very well yet. It turned out to be a lovely night–albeit with wrinkled toes when I got home.

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