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Welcome back, music!

23 June 2011

Now that I have my piano in my apartment, I have been playing regularly, but I’ve still been missing the joy of playing music with others. On Monday I emailed three local concert bands/orchestras asking if they had any vacancies in their percussion sections, and I received a reply the next day from the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra saying that not only did they have a spot for me, but would I please play in the concert this weekend! Needless to say, I said yes.

Tonight was the dress rehearsal, so I attended and attempted to play the piece. I was told it’s a minor part, but it’s actually a small but important part–they probably said minor because it’s Mvt IV of one of three pieces, so it’s not a lot to play. I can play it, but need to practice along with the recording over the weekend to get my timing right. I lost count tonight when I had 88 measures of rests.

During the majority of rehearsal tonight, I wasn’t playing, but I enjoyed listening to the orchestra play and watching the conductor. It was reassuring to find myself surrounded by musicians again. The tuning at the beginning of rehearsal, the language the conductor spoke when she was giving people suggestions on how to play certain parts, the tapping of feet as people counted their rests… I love it all. Three cheers for playing in a band again!

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