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Why We Write

4 June 2011

Flipping through my writing journal the other day, I came across this page from a poetry workshop I attended last November. I wrote it in response to the question “Why do we write?”

Here is the text:

“To prove we know things. To exist. To make a lasting impression. To impress. To challenge. To make a mess. To make sense. To ask questions, and to answer them. To open up. To hide. To nourish, to feed. To offer. To take. To practise. To be mean. To alleviate. To make mistakes. To learn. To listen. To be silly. To take a break. To argue. To stretch. To communicate. To grieve. To celebrate. To notice. To connect the dots. To clean up. To indulge. To let go. To hold on. To marinate. To bake. To beckon. To shout. To sing, to make music. To be fashionable. To betray. To portray. To break the mould. To discover. To uncover. To brainstorm. To lose. To win. To ache. To heal. To illuminate. To point out. To point fingers, to blame. To name, to name and shame. To congratulate. To decorate. To change. To resist. To assist. To shift. To colour in. To free. To limit. To grow. To tend. To perform. To inform. To sketch. To breathe. To rush. To tarry. To stall. To be.”

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  1. 5 June 2011 11:59

    Sometimes because it’s easier than not writing. And sometimes because it becomes part of how we think, part of how we figure out the world.

  2. 5 June 2011 15:03

    Hi Anthony, writing is definitely a part of how I think and how I figure out the world! This list doesn’t even come close to listing all the reasons why I write. It’s just the surface…

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