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My Sister’s Visit

31 May 2011

My younger sister was here on holiday for the past two weeks. I was so happy to see her and spend some real, extended time together! We were close growing up and it’s hard to know that because I chose to live so far away, we can’t be that close anymore, but we do keep in touch regularly and had no problems getting back into it when she was here.

I was surprised to realise how many things we have in common that I hadn’t noticed before! Little things, like mannerisms and personality traits. We both struggle to make decisions that affect people other than ourselves, for example, which made it hard to decide what to do each day because each of us only wanted to do what would make the other happy! We both have a habit of cracking our knuckles, and we both have the same taste in drinks. (It’s only the second time I’ve spent time with her since she was of drinking age.)

Here’s my sister dipping her toes in the Indian Ocean for the first time:

My apartment is too spacious now that she’s on her way home. I haven’t put away the air mattress yet, but to be fair, I worked from 4:40am to 6pm today and prefer to relax on it than pump all the air out of it!

Now it’s back to work-mode, and it will be a busy week. I look forward to it.

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