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Laundry, writing, and a new cafe

1 May 2011

This morning I did my laundry for the first time since living in my new apartment. (Don’t panic, it’s only been 5 days since I moved in permanently!) I had trouble finding a washing machine to fit into the space in my kitchen where the hookups are, so I decided to go with a friend’s advice and use a laundromat instead. I have dedicated my laundromat time to writing, so I now have a time each week where I will focus on writing without distractions.

There is a lovely new cafe on Peninsula Road in Maylands and conveniently, there is a laundromat right next to the cafe! Perfect.

It’s called Piccos Kitchen, and has a funky, friendly vibe, delicious food, and good coffee. (My soy flat white had just the right amount of froth, which is something I’m very picky about. I don’t like froth.) When I asked if the mushroom and red wine pie on the menu was vegan, the girl at the counter asked the chef. It wasn’t vegan, but the chef came out and offered to make me a “rice tart.” I was intrigued, and touched that he’d offered to make me something special, so I agreed.

I am SO glad I did! What came out was a mound of bright magenta rice, coloured by the beetroot in it. From what I could taste, there was also potato, tomato, parsley, and a few other unidentifiable but equally important ingredients. This was seriously the best rice dish I have ever had, and I told him so.

I also loved the paintings on the walls, which were signed “J. Cartwright.” Later this afternoon I was walking my friend’s dogs with her and I mentioned I had been to the cafe, and she immediately asked if I had noticed the paintings. She told me they are by John Cartwright, who is from Kalamunda (in the Perth Hills) and she loves his work too!

In conclusion, a photo of the cafe from where I sat (taken on my Blackberry so not photo-quality):

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