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Marriage? No thanks.

12 April 2011

One of my friends posted this short article on Facebook. It’s by a person who decided not to recognise marriage. I like his take on it, and it definitely points out the inadequacies of the argument people make for not recognising gay marriage, but my own preference is to recognise marriage for those who want it, but not worry about getting married myself. Regardless of what sex my partner is, I don’t believe I’ll ever get married. I’m just not convinced that we’re meant to be with one person for our whole lives. We can fall in and out of love with people, and that’s part of the ebb and flow of life. Some people can and do spend most of their lives with one partner, and that’s fantastic. I’m happy for them, and impressed. It’s just not for me.

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  1. 12 April 2011 20:07

    I admire you for your courage, but actually it’s just a choice isn’t it. You’re doing what you feel is best for you and what society thinks has absolutely no bearing on it. Still, it has to be proclaimed the non- marriage stance because otherwise people will say what’s wrong with you. The Answer: Nothing. Be yourself. If you married for any other reason then Love that you felt would last a lifetime then you would marry for the wrong reason. Still for that simple reason to make a choice right for you, I admire you. Thanks. Keep Blogging, Keep Writing

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