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When Everything Falls Into Place…

24 March 2011

The last three weeks have been harrowing, to say the least. I spent most afternoons viewing apartments, which meant not only was I stressing about finding an apartment, I was working 6-2:30, driving 45 minutes from where I’m working/living at the moment into the city to view the apartments, then driving back afterward, only to do the same thing again the next day, and the next, and the next. I was a very tired woman! (Still am. Going to sleep very early tonight!)

Well. At the end of last week, I viewed an apartment that I thought was perfect. I prepared my application, and first thing Monday morning I rang the real estate to ask if there had been any other applications, and to let them know I was ready to submit mine. They told me there were already two applications on the unit, and not only that, the unit was for sale as well as for rent. They had a potential buyer, so until the sale was finalised, they were putting a hold on all rental applications. In short, I had no chance.

I was extremely frustrated for a day.

Then on Tuesday night, I saw that another unit in the same building was for rent. I rang that real estate agent first thing Wednesday morning. I told them how eager I was to view it and that I had seen another in the same building but had missed out on it, and asked if I could see it. Linda, the agent, told me it had only been vacated the day before and hadn’t even been cleaned yet, but she was going out to check it at 11 and I could come view it then if I wanted. (If I wanted?!)

So I did, and of course it was perfect. It definitely needed a good clean, and a few maintenance items, which Linda covered off on, but I asked if I could apply for it and she let me fill out the forms right there in the apartment, and accepted my application on the spot!

So, after a long, frustrating, anxiety-ridden three weeks of searching, I now have the satisfaction of knowing I have somewhere to live. I move in next week.

The only thing left to do is furnish it……..

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